College Station Drink Specials

Change Location  
$2 Jager Barrels Schotzi's $2 Wells 4-8pm O'Bannon's Tap House
$1 off all Draft 4-8pm O'Bannon's Tap House $3 Long Island Iced Tea O'Bannon's Tap House
$2 Wells O'Bannon's Tap House $5.75 Pitchers all night long Daisy Dukes
$1.75 Drafts all night long Daisy Dukes $1.75 Wells all night long Daisy Dukes
$2.50 Longnecks all night long Daisy Dukes $3 Shiner Bock - Happy Hour Fitzwilly's
$2.25 Bud & Bud Light - Happy Hour Fitzwilly's $2.25 Domestics 11am-10pm The Corner
$2 Wells 11am-10pm The Corner $2.50 Pints 11am-10pm The Corner
$5 Corner Chuggers 11am-10pm The Corner $3 Texas Tea, Long Island Iced Tea 10pm-Close The Corner
$4 Domestic Man Size Mugs Knockouts Grill House $2.25 - 23oz Domestic Draft 3-7pm Mad Hatters
$2.50 Martinis 3-7pm Mad Hatters $2 Well Drinks 3-7pm Mad Hatters