Champaign Urbana Drink Specials

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$3 Fat Tire Pints Jupiter's Pizzeria & Billiards $3 Bacardi Jupiter's Pizzeria & Billiards
$3 Mason Jars of Beer 32oz 4pm-2am Memphis On Main $2.50 Stella Artois Bottles Mike 'N Molly's
$3.50 Bud Light Draft 23oz Fat City Bar and Grill $2 Amaretto Stone Sour The Silver Bullet
$1 PBR Draft Bunny's Tavern $12 Buckets (5 domestic bottles) Bunny's Tavern
$6 Pitchers Bunny's Tavern $2 Skyy Vodka The Clybourne
$3 Skyy & Red Bull The Clybourne $2 Long Islands The Clybourne
$2 Any Bottle of Beer The Clybourne $3 Vegas Bombs The Clybourne
$2 Miller Products Joe's Brewery $3 Stoli Flavors Joe's Brewery
$1 Buttery Nipples Joe's Brewery