Montreal Drink Specials

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$3 Bushmill Shot O'Regans Pub $4 Embassy Beer The Irish Embassy Pub and Gril
$6 Stella, Hoegaarden, Keiths - happy Hour Typhoon Lounge $5 Lindeman'S Red/White Typhoon Lounge
$7 Guinness Pints Typhoon Lounge $7 Double Rail Cocktails Typhoon Lounge
2-For-1 Domestic Beer, House Wine & Speed Rail Winnie's $6 Bloody Mary Wienstein & Gavino's
$9- 2 Stella Artois - 4-9pm Deli Planet $6.50- Labatt Blue - 4-9pm Deli Planet
$7- 2 Alexander Keiths - 4-9pm Deli Planet Pint Same price As Bottle Open-8pm Le Petit Medley
$8.75 Double Martinis Jello Martini Lounge $4 Microbrew Pints - 4-8pm Le Sainte-Elisabeth
$3.75 Boreale Pints Le Sainte-Elisabeth Free Corkage, BYOW L'Académie
Free Corkage, BYOW Restaurant Le Pégase Free Corkage, BYOW Restaurant Au 917
Free Corkage, BYOW Beurre Noisette Free Corkage, BYOW Restaurant Le Gingembre